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​​We understand your challenges

At EOH, we work with your company to innovate and custom-build solutions for your unique requirements. This ultimately allows you to gain – and maintain - a competitive advantage in your industry.​​

Why EOH?

Our EOH software developer team can open and sustain your “window of differentiation.”
When you have a bespoke solution built, your organisation gains a competitive advantage. This advantage has a life span: as competitors replicate your solution, so the advantage decreases. This period of time is known as the “window of differentiation.”
We at EOH Microsoft Services partner with you to sustain this competitive advantage and ensure that your investment in your software remains strategic for as long as possible. Once your software is no longer strategic in nature (i.e. enabling competitive advantage) it simply becomes utility software (necessary to operations but no longer creating any real competitive advantage).​

What we do

We can create and maintain a competitive advantage with and for your organisation using our expertise in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), User Experience (UX), Software Development, Application Integration, Mobile Application Development and Cloud Application Development.​

Application Lifecycle Management

  • As experienced consultants, we provide assessments and advice regarding your approach to Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • We adhere to best practise software development processes and tooling, utilising Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio
  • Ou r software developer team is customer-centric - we understand where you are in terms of ALM maturity and assist you in progressing from basic to advanced maturity.

​​​User Experience

  • We provide discovery, strategy and design services to create the best possible user experience
  • Our approach is user-centric and we design solutions that are interactive, intuitive and accurate
  • The User Experience is incorporated into all software development. This means we do not take a traditional bottom-up approach.

​​​Software Develo​pment

  • We offer our extensive architecture and development expertise
  • We work on large scale, complex systems
  • We provide native application and mobile development services
  • We’r e experienced in building core business applications.

Application Integration

  • We integrate custom developed software with core business applications (ERP, CRM etc).
  • T his improves your Return on Investment on your custom developed solutions, as they are integrated into the wider application ecosystem of your organisation.

Mobile Application Development

  • W e focus on enterprise mobile application development
  • We develop line-of-business mobile applications that are key to enabling your company’s business processes
  • Our applications integrate seamlessly with your line-of-business applications
  • Our apps are robust and scalable
  • We’re platform agnostic, developing iOs, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps.

​​Cloud Application Development

  • W e provide consulting and advisory services
  • We design, develop and deploy Cloud applications
  • We design all new software to be Cloud enabled/ready, whether you choose to deploy on-premise or follow a hybrid model.

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