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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics enjoys recognition as a leader in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry among successful global corporates and independent experts – along with a top ranking position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Optimise your operations to increase your profitability.

By automating routine tasks and standardising best practices, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can, for example, enhance your:

  • Sales productivity

  • Marketing effectiveness

  • Service Desk capabilities

  • Automated and manual workflows

Enjoy user-friendliness and easy adoption.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is accessible through the already familiar Outlook client, an internet browser or mobile devices.

Benefit from a huge amount of flexibility.

Your organisation may need to extend the power of CRM to maximise relationships other than those with your customers (for instance, your relationships with suppliers or employees). Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps deliver a host of efficiencies over and above exceptional customer management.

Be as agile as you need to be.

Your organisation needs to be able to react rapidly to change. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers you point-and-click customisation, role-based forms, declarative design and powerful developer tools to support your changing needs.

Be in the Cloud or on-premise.

Take advantage of being in the Cloud with its associated benefits: low barrier to entry, low risk and high ROI. Start off with a low-risk Cloud solution as a POC and later migrate as you gain more company buy-in for an on-premise solution.

Get valuable insight.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your users with a range of insightful business intelligence capabilities. This allows you to identify – and leverage off - key trends and track performance metrics.

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