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In an ever-changing environment, we partner with your organisation to ensure that you are always up to date with technology trends and aware of the licensing impact. EOH has dedicated National Call Centre for Microsoft Licensing Services. Our primary goal is to help your company maximise the value of your Microsoft Licensing Agreement. We understand the complexity of the various licensing models and seek to simplify your licensing position, ensuring that your company is compliant and licensed accordingly. Our Call Centre provides your company with quick and easy access to licensing information, benefit position, licenses keys and software media.

Why EOH?

Microsoft Licensing advisory and consulting services

At EOH, we are primarily a services and solutions provider. We pride ourselves in giving our customers sound advice. When we engage with a company such as yours, we seek to gain a deep understanding of your business drivers, technology challenges, innovation demands and business agility. EOH is a Microsoft LSP, authorised and mandated to trade within the borders of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, across all sectors and verticals. We provide License Specialist Services in all nine provinces.
Our licensing team is trained and certified to provide consulting and advisory services on the following agreements:

  • Enterprise Agreement

  • Enterprise Subscription Agreement

  • Open Value Agreement

  • Open Value Subscription Agreement

  • Cloud-based agreements for Office 365 and Azure

Software Asset Management (SAM)

When it comes to Microsoft software, businesses like yours are faced with two major challenges:

  • Inadequately licensed software being deployed

  • Purchased software not being deployed

These challenges increase the risk profile of your organisation and often lead to unwanted exposure and cost. EOH is a Microsoft Gold Certified SAM Partner. Our team of SAM specialists work alongside your business to review your ICT environment to determine your:

  • Licensing compliance

  • User profiling (who needs what)

  • Licensing position (license deployed VS license owned)

  • Effectiveness of tooling

  • Reporting

  • Asset Management as a service

User Profiling

We conduct a professional and unique User Profiling exercise to ensure that your end users have the right applications and tools to perform their job functions. This creates a strong case to drive 'Fit for Purpose' licensing, which in turn helps drive down the cost for your organisation.

Microsoft Software financing

In conjunction with EOH Capital, we are able to provide your organisation with an option to finance the procurement of your Microsoft Licensing

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