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​​We understand your challenges

At EOH, we understand what you need to work towards, as well as what is holding you back from getting there. Your goal is to get a competitive advantage out of the data that originates both inside and outside of your organisation. In order to do so, you need custom software development to cultivate your business’s Business Intelligence (BI) Maturity – a powerful asset when most of your competition only refers to historical trends.

We know that the obstacles preventing you from maximising your BI are likely to include:
  • Adoption and Support of BI tools by your business colleagues - Your users are accustomed to their ways of working and are wary of using new information or tools in their key decision-making processes.
  • The fact that many BI projects fail - We believe this is attributable to a strictly IT solutions-driven approach. At EOH, we understand that BI needs to start with business-orientated questions.
  • Lack of skills and knowledge - This is true especially in the areas of custom software development for Mobile/Cloud BI and Big Data.
  • The fact that Mobile BI and Analytics from Big Data are all the rage - Business demands credible use cases (if at all) for these as well as simple and cost-effective implementations.
  • Costs are high and ROI is slow - Many Data Warehousing/BI projects are too large and cumbersome and take too long to show any value to key decision makers. A more agile approach is needed.

Why EOH?

Your organisation can benefit from the two key aspects of our offering: EOH’s expertise and Microsoft IT solutions - a winning combination.

The EOH team – playing to your advantage

Our team has the combined skills and abilities to deliver an End-To-End Solution for your business.
The services we provide include:
  • Business analysis
  • Platform/Architecture consulting
  • Dimension modelling
  • Analytics
  • Presentation layers
  • Support
Given our company makeup, we have the capability to integrate with and source data from most enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics etc) by simply collaborating with our internal teams.

Our goal is Business-Driven BI

Rather than being IT-driven, we answer business questions in order to grow Business Intelligence Maturity and facilitate user adoption. Our starting point and continued focus is on identifying business cases for BI through intensive consulting with the decision-makers in your organisation.
To grow your BI maturity, we need to:
  • Examine what is happening now (using low-latency/real time reporting)
  • Use our data to predict future business trends and identify new opportunities (via Data Mining and Predictive Analytics)
  • Enable Self-Service BI

We deliver new Cloud/Mobile and Big Data BI solutions

The technologies we use,like Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS),​and our future-focused custom software development approach will help you understand and derive benefit from these new trends without incurring massive costs.

We use Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and Agile methodologies

We use industry-recognised custom software development techniques, allowing for faster return on investment and closer alignment with requirements, to ensure that your business stakeholders support BI initiatives.

Microsoft products: the ideal delivery vehicle

At EOH, we use Microsoft products such as Microsoft PowerBI and Office365 so that we can:
  • Deliver both Managed Enterprise Business Intelligence and Self-Service Business Intelligence – the ‘best of both worlds’.
  • Integrate more effectively with your Microsoft products already in use and substantially lower your costs.
  • Facilitate easy integration in your workplace: Your users already know and trust Microsoft products (Office, Excel, SQL server) and therefore, integration is simpler.
  • Utilise technology recognised as industry-leading by the Gartner Report.

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